Our legacy is delivering for the most discerning clients

Your best team members are value multipliers

In management consulting people are the product and each person drives a quantifiable economic value. That value isn't just equal to the cost, it is a multiple of the cost. Our team grew up in a world where we were taught to hire people who could generate 3-5 times their cost in value within a short period of time.

Our competition views value as a match to the required skills. Unfortunately that is the perspective you use for your worst employees. Your best employees are viewed as value multipliers. They make you, your team and your company better!


We have over 10 years in two industries building highly reliable enterprise quality talent networks. Our leadership team has grown up delivering mission critical, enterprise level, technology solutions for the world's most successful companies. From that experience we learned to hire and build high performing teams that have the required skills along with intrinsic values like integrity, passion, and stewardship.

Game Studios

People make games. We are passionate about building the leading edge user experience, development, operations  and user acquisition teams in the fast growing online gaming industry. Our clients are investing heavily up front for a back-end pay off and people make the difference.

Management Consulting

The management consulting hire is unique. Great candidates bring consulting domain eminence, client management, sales and practice building skills. We thrive on the challenge of building professional services teams. Our hires drive millions of dollars in revenue.