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AI Disruption in Video-Gaming

“Gamemaking is especially laborious and especially ripe for automation” says a recent article in the Economist. The following are interesting excerpts from the article on AI disruption in video gaming.

AI represents an “explosion of opportunity”, believes Steve Collins, the technology chief of King, which makes “Candy Crush Saga”, a hit mobile game. King, which bought an AI firm called Peltarion last year, uses AI to gauge levels’ difficulty. “It’s like having a million players at your disposal,” says Mr Collins. 

Games’ interactivity requires them to be stuffed with laboriously designed content: consider the 30 square miles of landscape or 60 hours of music in “Red Dead Redemption 2”, a recent cowboy adventure. Enlisting AI assistants to churn it out could drastically shrink timescales and budgets.


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